We have a huge passion for raw denim.

To us, raw denim are not just a regular and standard thing that we wear everyday, more than that, they have soul.

To enjoy the break-in process and see how the fades start from dark denim into lighter blue and creates the character of the user is more than a pleasure to us.

Every denim fabric has its own unique character. But to get the maximum fade result, the fabric suppose to be dark indigo and the more stiff the better it will become.

We salute and appreciate people who has this passion and dedication to break their pair of raw denim and has the patience to wait until the result becomes into natural worn-out vintage looks.

Every person will get their own individual fades character, depends on their daily activities. And that is one more reason why raw denim are so unique.

Through #FadeMaster we invite you guys to join this journey by sending us few photos of your worn out AYE jeans and don’t forget to include (Articles name, age, soaks & washes, and your daily activities during the time you wear them.)

As a thank you note, every participant who send photos of their jeans, will get 15% discount for the next time you shop our products, but don’t forget those photos you send us must be decent, clear and proper.

Some photos that got chosen will be featured on our social media page (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Every month we will choose 1 person who deserves the #FadeMaster title and we will reward him/her with shopping voucher worth IDR 500K that can be used to shop any of AYE products.

Photo guide to join the #FadeMaster :
Honey Combs

Here are few steps to get the best photo result :

-Lay the jeans on plain floor/background-
-Try to get the best lightning for best result-
-Take the photos from above angle-
-*Minimum 500Kb maximum 1Mb-








Honey Combs