In the midst of earth-shattering revolution, a group of young talents came together and decided to take part in the changes. We are AYE! DENIM, a team of multi-cultural individuals with unique skills and perspective. Here, we put aside our differences to share a glimpse of light to the society through fashion and education.

In March 2011, we ultimately materialized our vision through an online store called AYE! DENIM is a local denim company originated from Jakarta, Indonesia. All of our products are handmade using the best local material that we handpicked exclusively from our loyal vendors. The main intent is to bring the finest quality denim to our customers, while promoting Indonesian local products to global environment.

The success of our first collection has motivated us to keep evolving as a company and to expand Indonesian fashion industry. We support local artists, musicians, and TV personalities that best resembled us as a brand and participate as a regular tenant in many local fashion events, such as Brightspot Market, Denim Market, etc.

Lastly, inspired by the teaching of the ancient world, we are also here to share our knowledge. Through the advancement of technology and social media, we are trying to keep our customers to be more sensitive and be prepared for anything that happens in this ever-progressive world.

These views represent a dramatic departure from the traditional value system of religious fundamentalist and social conservatives as well as the modernist worldview of the scientific and business world.

We are proud to be acknowledged as the pioneer who brought this new perspective to Indonesia. We understand that this could be a sensitive issue and need to be handled with such delicate manner. We believe that everyone is free to form his or her own personal opinion.

May you experience Light, Life, Love and Liberty, and may you accomplish the Work of The Great Architect.